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About Profs

Profs is managed marketplace created to help startups connect with vetted sales talent and sales services.

Founders, especially technical founders, often struggle with sales. Whether it's understanding how to sell or being able to properly manage their first sales hires. Profs provides vetted talent and services to solve these problems.

What's unique about Profs' talent is that with remote work, the talent is able to pick up anywhere from 5-20+ hours per week on the side. Startups are able to access talent that was previously unavailable.

There are also times when startups have specific needs they need help with but don't know how to vet providers or lack the time. Profs has vetted service providers to help solve this challenge too.

How it works

A straightforward process fit for your needs


Talk To Us

We help you determine what you need help with if you're not sure.


Get Connected

We'll then connect you with your talent or service provider within 48-72 hours.


Check In

We're available to answer any questions and make sure things are going well.


What Does An Initial Consulting Call Cost?

Initital consulting calls are free! It's important for us to understand your challenges and learn more about your goals. We'll help you determine what is a best fit to solve your current sales challenges and meet your future goals.

Often Founders need help with something they didn't know they didn't know.

Contact us here: to schedule time today.

What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Sales Talent?

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your sales talent it is critical you let us know as soon as possible. We'll find an alternative to replace them. You'll only be billed for the time you've worked together.

How Do You Vet Talent?

Vetting talent is dependent on the role. For most talent it's based on an initial screen and thorough interview process to assess skills, experience, and fit. We also look for a track record of measurable success (quota achievement), including winning awards such as SDR of the Year and President's Club. Much of our talent can point to growing startups as an early or first sales hire that took the startup from very little revenue to signifcant revenue.

Where Does Your Talent Work?

Talent comes from all types of companies including venture back startups, bootstrapped startups, established tech companies and other industries.

Can I Hire The Talent You Provide Full Time?

Yes. If both parties agree that there is a mutual fit to work together in a full time capacity, a 15% fee of the hires annual salary is to be paid to Profs.

Will You Tell Me What I Need Help With?

Yes, we are happy to have an initial call or even calls to determine what is the best fit for your needs and goals. We'll give you advice and recommend what we believe you need help with.

Contact us here: to schedule time today.

Not Sure What You Need? We Can Help.

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Yuri Galeev

Revenue Increased

Profs provided a fractional Head of Sales who was able to take a lot of the sales management responsibilities off my plate and provide the sales expertise we were missing as a startup. In three months my only salesperson went from $19K a month to $50K a month because we finally had the sales help we needed. We also added a fractional Account Executive because of how well things are going!