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Our customers say

Increased Revenue

Profs provided a fractional Head of Sales who was able to take a lot of the sales management responsibilities off my plate and provide the sales expertise we were missing as a startup. In three months my only salesperson went from $19K a month to $50K a month because we finally had the sales help we needed. We also added a fractional Account Executive because of how well things are going!

Yuri Galeev

I Now Like Sales

As a founder with no prior sales experience, I needed help building out my sales foundation. Profs connected me with a sales consultant who completely changed the way I looked at selling. I discovered it's actually possible to enjoy the process—and I'm seeing a LOT more success getting in front of clients and moving deals along.

Arlo Hill

Clear Sales Strategy

Our Profs consultant has been incredibly knowledgeable and communicative, and very quickly felt like part of our team. We really appreciate how they’ve improved our sales process and even added a Profs SDR to support the team to meet our changing needs as we’ve continued to make progress. We’re happy to have them in our corner!

Elizabeth Owings
Samata Health

More Meetings Booked

Profs connected us with an expert cold email copywriter who turned around work on time, it didn't require revisions, and most of all, got us tons of interested leads! Working with an actual sales professional was a relief: we're not guessing if we have a good team anymore.

Scott Martinis
B2B Catalyst

Immediate Results

We needed a fractional Head of Sales who was able to professionally manage my sales team. The results were immediate. They were able to remove bottlenecks that improved our sales process.

Peidi Wu
Spotter Labs

Expert Advice

Profs connected us with a sales consultant who was able to guide us through the process of hiring our first sales hire. They also helped him get onboarded with the proper sales tooling and advised on an outreach strategy. Profs even introduced us to a top notch sales recruiting firm.

Andrew Firestone

We Accept Less Than 6% Of Sales Talent

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How We Can Help

Sales Strategy and Playbooks

Need help determining what your sales strategy should be and how to implement it? There are sales consultants who will work with you to understand your business and create a sales strategy and playbook for your specific needs.

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Sales Tool Recommendations

Not sure what is the right stack for your org? Our Sales Leaders have experience using every tool in every industry and will speed your discovery and install process to get you selling faster.

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Manage Growing Sales Teams

We can help with running one on ones, team trainings, individual coaching, and more. As your team grows, your managers are stretched thin. We help bridge the gap so your team can excel.

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Sales Coaching and Training

Get sales coaching and training for a Founder or your sales team. Connect with an expert sales consultant who will diagnose your sales issues and create a customize plan to help.

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Book More Sales Meetings

Need to build an outbound strategy and execute on it? We can give you a customized plan, write the sequences, and show you the tools you need to generate meetings from cold outreach.

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Sales Audit

We examine what is working, what isn't working, and what needs to be done. To make recommendations, we'll go deep into previous successes, losses, and the present sales pipeline.

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Featured Roles We Offer

Hire one Role or build an entire Fractional Team.