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Most Popular Roles

Expert Sales Consultant

Expert sales consultants help with everything sales related. You can find one that has taken a startup from $0-$1M or from a $1M and beyond. They have measurable success working with founders and individual sales contributors.

-Sales Strategy

-Sales Playbooks

-Sales Coaching & Training

Get all your sales questions answered by an expert. Accelerate your learnings to put your company in a position to succeed.

Fractional Sales Manager

Not every startup is ready to hire a full time sales manager. You can get 5-20 hours per week of experienced sales management for your startup.

-Manage Sales Team

-Coach and Train Sales Team

-Help With Closing Deals & Hiring

Types of Sales Managers: SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise -Sales Managers, Sales Development Representative Managers

Fractional Sales Development Representative

Startups can never have enough meetings with prospects. Get a sales development representative who can conduct outreach with your prospects to book more meetings. Add a Sales development representative for 5-20 hours per week.

-Cold Emailing

-Cold Calling

-Lead Generation

Types of Sales Development Representatives: SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise Sales Development Representatives

Fractional Account Executive

Get help taking a lead from first meeting to a closed deal. Account Executives can handle the entire sales process once you book a call on their calendar. Get 5-20 hours per week of time from a seasoned Account Executive.

-Manage Sales Cycles

-Run Intro/Discovery & Product Demos

-Close Deals

Types of Account Executives:  SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise.

Ways Sales Talent Can Help

Book More Meetings

Get help from either an expert Sales Consultant or SDR to get more qualified meetings on the calendar.

Manage My Sales Team

Get professional sales management from a seasoned sales leader who knows how to get the most out of your team.

Sales Consulting

Get help with everything from sales strategy to creating sales playbooks. Sales consultants help with a variety of sales related responsibilities.

Improve Sales Skills

Get coaching and training for founders or salespeople. Learn best practices and fix mistakes so you win more business.

Close More Deals

Unsure why you're not winning more business? Work with a sales consultant who can diagnose your sales issues and prescribe a solution.


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Yuri Galeev

Revenue Increased

Profs provided a fractional Head of Sales who was able to take a lot of the sales management responsibilities off my plate and provide the sales expertise we were missing as a startup. In three months my only salesperson went from $19K a month to $50K a month because we finally had the sales help we needed. We also added a fractional Account Executive because of how well things are going!